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FRÄULEIN Issue 02/2021
Politics can influence our everyday and the everyday can influence our politics. What should be two opposing mindsets, yet one viewpoint is agreed. The left is the right, the right is the left. Today's political landscape can be a game of contradictions and differences. Are these people just standing up for something because they have to or because they want to? How do we find fresh thinking in a land of stale arguments? For the upcoming issue of Fräulein, we want the world of politics to be the topic and theme. Fräulein wants to get deeper into all the opponents' concerns and bring them to the table and to understand the bubbles and worlds we all choose to belong in the land of Politics.

FRÄULEIN dares to show strong emotions: Sadness, Happiness and Love. FRÄULEIN speaks for a young generation of women. Strong and self conscious, intelligent and stylish women, who dare to be authentic and emotional.
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